Our Services

  • Pick Up Your Food Frozen

    5592700 Southern Style Perfect Bites

    Our store in Ivanhoe has everything on display and ready to purchase from our freezers. Once you've had a look through our menu, simply select the food you like and pop into store and pick up what you need. 

    If you need a hand selecting your food, give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help. 

  • Have Us Cater For You!


    Be a guest at your own party! 

    Take the stress of cooking out of your party and have our staff bring the food, cook it onsite, and have hot fresh finger food ready to serve for your guests.

    Our Food Supervisors come with a Deep Fryer, Oil, Serving Platters, Sauces, Sauce Dishes, Napkins and everything we need to prepare your food. The only things we require onsite are a working oven, running water and electricity. 

    Our catering packages start at $220 which includes 3hrs onsite (30mins setup, 2 hrs food service and 30 mins clean/pack up) and everything stated above.

    Our Food Preparation staff are generally pretty busy in the kitchen making sure that your food is cooked properly and on time so for parties of more than 50 people, Our food supervisors are unable to hand the food around. You can hire wait staff to hand the food around and help clean and look after your guests ($40 per hour) or asking family members to help is a great way to keep your costs down.


  • Wait Staff/ Bar Tenders

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    If you party is for more than 50 guests and you want food handed around to your guests, we recommend hiring one of our experienced wait staff. They'll serve your guests with a smile and help to clean and look after your guests.

    If you're providing alcohol at your party, you may want someone with an Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate on hand to helps serve drinks.

    Our Wait Staff and bartenders are available at $40 per hour (Min 3hrs)

    Please note: Food must be purchased in order to hire our food supervisors, wait and bar staff. 

  • Need Help Selecting a Menu?

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    Need ideas on how much to food you need? 

    Our Party Packs Page is a great place to start! It has a number of different menus to choose from for parties of 20 people and up to 100 people. There are menus to suit different budgets and tastes to make picking a menu easy. The best part is can change and add to our menus to suit your needs. The menus aren't locked in so you can swap items, take items out or add more. Just speak to one of our staff and we can help customising the menu for you and provide you with a quote for your menu.

    If you're feeling confused or unsure at all, please make use of us! We have catered for over 100 parties and are always happy to give you advise on quantity and selection.